Stories from our First Hello family


"Labour is one of life’s most intense experiences. The anticipation, pain, fear and excitement clouded my ability to fully appreciate what I was going through. Seeing images of my daughter's journey into the world after one month, one year, and now almost three years, I’m taken back to those moments and experience them in new ways. I am reminded of the strength I never knew I was capable of, the depth of emotion on my husband’s face, and that moment - the moment my little love looked up into my eyes and stole my heart."

— Lucinda (Mumma of Mari)



"I couldn't be more grateful for crossing paths the First Hello Project. Straight away I felt an amazing trusting energy and knew that they would respect my birth space but at the same time capture those intimate beautiful moments - and that they did! Even though things didn't go quite to plan with having an extremely quick labour at peak hour traffic, they managed to capture all the beautiful moments of my little family bonding after his entrance into the world. She also stayed for hours after the birth, put down her camera and held my hand whilst I had some after birth procedures. What a beautiful person she is and what amazing raw, professional and truly magical photos I have to treasure for the rest of my life. Could not recommend The First Hello more. You will not be disappointed!" 

— Rachel (Mumma to Lucas)

THEFIRSTHELLO – Birth Photography 22.jpg

"I never imagined to house a growing life, to birth it and care for it... I never imagined to one day call someone daughter. I want to relive each day and in particular that moment we said our first hellos. There are no words to describe it... Only images that truly capture the essence of this miraculous entry. Images of a courageous body that housed my baby girl. Images of that time my body went through hell for my heart to meet heaven!

I'm forever grateful for The First Hello who captured my journey of pregnancy and birth because words in my journal would never be enough!"

— Carmen (Mumma to Ayla)

THEFIRSTHELLO – Birth Photography 21.jpg

"The girls captured just about every emotion that was present in the room... relief that labour was over, the overwhelming feeling of loving someone ENTIRELY that you've only just met, and then of course the joy of bringing forth the life you've carried for the last 9 months... beautiful. One of the most magical experiences I think life will ever have to offer. On a lighter note, I should definitely mention that I was completely aware and grateful for The First Hello's own experience of childbirth and was seriously appreciating the extra girl-power in the room when it came time to get the job done!"

— Juliette (Mumma to Milan & Brydie)

"I have never loved any photos more than the ones captured by The First Hello of my husband and I holding our baby girl for the first time. The raw emotion in that moment is something I actually didn't think could be captured in an image. I can't even explain to you how powerful their images are!"

— Brea (Mumma to Saxon)